APEX BUILDING GROUP provides expert knowledge & utilizes cutting-edge technology to develop comprehensive, accurate & reliable Critical Path Method (CPM) schedules, risk analysis & construction management solutions. Our experience includes planning & managing over a billion dollars of complex global schedules to ensure projects are successfully completed on time & within budget.

Increase efficiency: Save time, enhance productivity, & alleviate the stress of your project management staff, by freeing them to focus on their priorities.

Accurate: Realistic & concise analysis of critical milestones & interdependent activities are identified to improve project performance.

Proactive: Potential problems are quickly identified & resolved in order to reduce risk & mitigate unanticipated costs due to delay, unforeseen conditions or acceleration.

Responsive: We collaborate closely with all project stakeholders to quickly develop & update schedules to meet the needs of our clients.

Expertise: Our knowledge of technical details, specifications & requirements in all areas of construction help define priorities, sequence & resource needs. We also routinely conduct site visits, monitor & benchmark productivity & costs.

Communication: Vast amounts of information & data are summarized into clear & concise project reports for various tiers of management.

Comprehensive:From conception to completion, we coordinate subcontracting work, permitting & submittal approvals into an integrated schedule.

Control: We provide your management team with full control of project schedules, resources & budget to successfully manage & track the progress.

Collaboration: We work closely with all project stakeholders to develop an integrated baseline schedule & can also collaborate with your existing advisors.

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